Let me start by saying as a Massachusetts resident I'm enormously proud of the people of Boston,  and the resolve they have show, however as I will demonstrate the bombings were linked to Twin Tower attacks, and who is TRULY responsible for the lost of live, and the wounding of the innocent.

Twin Tower attacks were on 11th September 2001, which those of you who regularly follow my posts,  September is taken from the latin word SEPTEM meaning 7, which then gives the number 117.

Strangely enough the race being run yesterday was the 117th Boston Marathon.

As I suspect the following investigation that is happening right now, is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover up those truly responsible, the Zionist Cabalists of the Rothschilds,  I'm guessing the ultimate scapegoat will be Al-Qaeda, which is nothing more than a falsehood to coverup those responsible.

Once again the innocent have suffered for the evilness that comes from the Rothschilds, and the government has created a false flag operation to satisfy their bloodlust.