Before going on any further I think it's important to briefly discuss something I call the Ezekiel Codex.  In the grand scheme of things it's overall significance should not be overlooked as it is secret coded message system used by Rothchilds, Illuminati, New World Order and other secret society offshoots shoots such as FREEMASONS and Zionism.

As it clearly shows the use of Hebrew as a code is a fundamental key to understanding the messages the secret societies use to shape the world we live, this is because the Hebrew language was the only language that survived after the confusion of Babel to remain somewhat intact.  From my previous post on the symbolism of the Twin Tower attacks and the indisputable proof that it was the Zionist Rothschild behind it for the creation of a new Babylon then that confirms it, however the number 7 proves beyond any shadow of a doubt it was Zionists, for the 7th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Zayim which is the true meaning of Zion.

Tarot Cards are important in the grand scheme of thing because rewrite the word TAROT backwards and you get TORAT an almost perfect reversal of the word TORAH, which is why I suspect the word TORAH is on the 2nd Tarot Card, The High Priestess. The Book Of Revelations is another key to the codex because John of Patmos was the 7th disciple of Jesus,  and knowing the Zionists heavy reliance on the number 7 this fits the pattern also.

The question of what is the Rothschild true intentions can be answered finally because of their infatuate with the numbers 7 and 11.   7 multiplied by 11 is 77 which when added to the number 7, becomes 777  identifying the true second coming, which infers the Rothchilds see themselves as GOD. As far as I'm aware, nearly all incantations of a SUPREME BEING in existence refer to the deity as a kind, caring, loving individual, not a war faring, greed induced, hatred loving men the Rothchilds are, therefore they are NOT gods nor will they ever be, for while they peddle death like a cheap street vendor, they are nothing but evil, pure and simple.

Before leaving you to ponder these revelations using the above table to transcribe the number 777:

400 - THE FOOL  Judgment on Jerusalem’s Sins  Eden Restored CROSS, SIGN, ETERNITY, END OF EXISTENCE

300 - THE WORLD Babylon as Gods' Sword Of Judgment A New Heaven and A New Earth, TOOTH

  70 - THE TOWER Jerusalem as an adulterous wife The 7 Bowl's of God's Wrath

    7 - THE CHARIOT The End has come 144,000 sealed SWORD, STRIFE,  COMPLETENESS/PERFECTION

Which becomes:
The Foolish World, Tower Chariots[Flying],  Judgment on Jerusalem’s Sins, Babylon as Gods' Sword Of Judgment, Jerusalem as an adulterous wife, The End has come,  Eden Restored, A New Heaven and A New Earth, The 7 Bowls of God's Wrath, 144,000 sealed. Cross/Sign/Eternity/End of Existence, Tooth, Eyes/Spring/The Sum Total Of This World.

And one final biblical prophecy based on the alleged END OF DAYS date of 21 December 2012

21 - THE WORLD Babylon as Gods' Sword Of Judgment A New Heaven and A New Earth, TOOTH

10 - WHEEL OF FORTUNE God's Glory Departs from The Temple The Angel and The Little Scroll,  HAND, LAW/RESPONSIBILITY, HIGHER LEVEL OF ACTIVITY

20 - JUDGEMENT  Rebellious Israel Purged The Thousand Years, EMERGING HEAD, INSUFFICIENT

12 - HANGED MAN The Exile Symbolized The Woman And The Dragon OX, PRODDING STICK

 [December is based on the latin word Decem meaning 10]


 THE WORLD WHEEL OF FORTUNE JUDGEMENT HANGED MAN. Babylon as Gods' Sword Of Judgment God's Glory Departs from The Temple Rebellious Israel Purged The Exile Symbolized.  A New Heaven and A New Earth The Angel and The Little Scroll The Thousand Years The Woman And The Dragon. Tooth Hand/Law/Responsibility/Higher Level Of Activity Emerging Head/Insufficient Ox Prodding Stick.

There are biblical symbols to understand the messages, such as tooth which means natural truth, the woman the church, the dragon the Vatican, the hand, power, and the Ox which is the light-bearer {Lucifer}
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