In my previous post on Twin Tower symbolism I eluded the fact that there is a reason why fifteen out of the ninteen hijackers from Saudi Arabia, in response to people inquiring about it I've decided to illuminate the answer, but first let me state I am not anti-religious what I am is open minded to history not being exactly the way we are taught, so first sake of sanity I hope that people do not take this the wrong way. With that out of the way let me state these two numbers, 15 and 19, were chosen for a specific reason:

It is my belief that the word TAROT is in fact a play on the word TORAH, in fact spell either word backwards and you get an almost perfection inversion of the other. Now the tarot card is a secret message system used generally by extremists of the Zionistic faith, predominently by The Rothschild family and all the secret cabals they are afffiliated with (Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull & Crossbones, etc.) so it comes no as no surprise that these two numbers 15&19 in Tarot become THE DEVIL'S SON a.k.a. THE ANTICHRIST.

There is a further evil deed, once you realize, that the word SON implies that THE DEVIL gave birth to antichrist, in other words THE DEVIL created the antichrist.  From the DANTE 515 code we know that the POPE is the devil which illicits this message into a further dire warning that somehow, someway, the POPE created the antichrist with a connection to Saudi Arabia, the only connection I know of, is the alleged conspiracy theory that THE VATICAN created Islam. I'm not entirely sure about this, as the information is sketchy to say the least, but if this is half true then by process of association then perhaps the antichrist is someone closely associated to the Islamic faith, which fits in with the way of thinking by the Zionists, blame another party for your own demonic deeds.

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