First and foremost let us be clear about one thing, the Mayans never said the world would end on 21 December 2012, they simply said the world would end AS WE KNOW IT. People are panicking because they believe in such nonsense, to those people I simply say read the SMALL print.

However with that aside, there are certain biblical warnings that we, as a human race need to adhere to. The date 21 December 2012 when translated into Mayan long count becomes, which should and probably does, have certain individuals concerned for the future, the question is why?

From my previous posts on Twin Towers, Babylon and the evil Rothschilds  then we should start by looking at into the usual suspects of  Tarot Cards, Book Of Ezekiel and Book Of Revelations:

  1. 13th Tarot Card -  Death
  2. Ezekiel 13 - False Prophets condemned
  3. Revelations - Beast Out Of The Sea

Re-arrange this into a specific order (Ezekiel, Revelations, Tarot) then we get a message:

 False Prophets condemned the Beast Out Of The Sea to Death

 This now presents us with two problems, firstly who is the False Prophet, and secondly who is the Beast Out Of The Sea? The false prophet in the Book of Revelation is thought to related to Babylon, but upon closer inspection we can determine who the false prophet is. 

But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

The Beast out of the Earth

11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. 13 And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people. 14 Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

Here we can clearly see that the second beast, spoke like a dragon, but it doesn't mean it was the dragon:

 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
 So now we have our first tangible lead, the dragon an ancient serpent, is called the devil, or Satan, and since we know who the devil is from Dante 515 we have proof that the dragon is the the pope or the Vatican.  But what about that old adage of 666? The answer is NERO. Why? Because he was the 6th Caesar and in 66 A.D.the Jews rebelled against Rome which Nero naturally crushed. But hold on a moment if Nero is the Beast and the Papal Vatican is the Devil then what we have is conundrum of biblical proportions:

Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them!
But woe to the earth and the sea,  because the devil has gone down to you!
He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”
 It clearly states in Revelations 12:12 that the devil went to you (meaning the Beast - Nero), does this mean that the massacre of Jews in 66 A.D. attributed to Nero was on the order of the Vatican? Unfortunately it does which means that the identity of the false prophet comes full circle with the Vatican being home to the false prophets.

Going back to the original source of the problem, the Mayan Calendar we see that message we got (False Prophets condemned the Beast Out Of The Sea to Death) transpires into another biblical warning:

 The Vatican condemned Nero to Death

But what is the link to the Rothschilds I here you ask?  The answer is as simple as any question ever asked, they are genetically related to the Emperor Nero as well as most of the lackeys who serve them.  In a twist of irony too our friend the number 7/11 rears it's ugly head in the prophecy which proofs beyond shadow of a doubt that if anything does happen to the World on December 21 2012 it will because of the evil Rothchilds:

Revelations 13:11-18 (18-11 = 7)

In the next chapter I will explain why the date has profound warnings, and the long lasting damage these Zionists will do to further their own cause.
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